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Successful EUROPEAN ROTORS, looks forward to 2023 Madrid show

The second EUROPEAN ROTORS has ended in Cologne, Germany, following four lively days of business deals, networking, training, and reconnecting with colleagues. The European Helicopter Association (EHA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) produced the VTOL show and safety conference with service and support from Helicopter Association International (HAI). Four thousand exhibitors and attendees attended the event, which featured a show floor with more than 210 exhibitors, 15 helicopters, and numerous displays of advanced air mobility (AAM) and remotely piloted or autonomous aircraft. On every measure, the 2022 show demonstrated growth over the 2021 event.

During the opening ceremony for EUROPEAN ROTORS, show officials announced that EUROPEAN ROTORS 2023 will be held in Madrid, Spain, next Nov. 28–30. “We are excited to take this event to Madrid,” says Christian Müller, chairman of the European Helicopter Association. “Our show promotes the rotorcraft industry throughout Europe, where our exhibitors can support each other regionally. We look forward to visiting other countries in the future as well.”


HondaJet Elite II gets FAA certification

The HondaJet Elite II received its type certification on November 2nd from the FAA. Honda received the type certificate for the Elite II following its unveiling at the 2022 NBAA Convention and Exhibition, which took place in October. The jet shares many similarities with the predecessor model Elite S; however, it has many distinct differences. NBAA IFR range of the Elite II is 1,547 nm with four passengers, a 110-nm improvement from its Elite S predecessor. To accommodate the added fuel, the mtow has been raised by 200 pounds to 11,100 pounds.

Other upgrades include a new ground spoiler system that optimizes takeoff and landing performance at the higher MTOW. The Jet Elite II will feature the Garmin G3000 avionics package, which will integrate directly into the flight controls taking the aircraft's capabilities to the next level. The stabilized approach upgrade “assists the pilot with aural and visual alerts to maintain a stable aircraft state on approach,” Honda Aircraft said. Next year, Honda Aircraft will also add an autothrottle system to the twinjet by June, followed by Garmin Autoland anticipated in the second half.


EASA review of standard passenger weights

The Agency conducted a survey to obtain actual data on the average mass of passengers and luggage on domestic, international, and intercontinental flights.

This follows a previous Pan-European study on the standard mass of passengers and baggage conducted by EASA in 2008. The study aimed to review the mass of passengers, hand baggage, and checked baggage used to for aircraft mass and balance calculations. Despite the expectation when launching the survey, mean masses of passengers did not significantly change from the previous study from 2008-9, both for male and female passengers. The results can be summarized below:

- No significant weight gain or loss observed for passengers in general.

- Male passengers have a mean weight of 82.2 kg, which is 14.7 kg more than the average female passenger (67.5 kg).

- Male passengers take more carry-on luggage with them than female passengers. Business passengers take more than leisure travelers.

- The average weight of checked luggage, which is always limited by the luggage policies of the airlines, was 0.8kg less than stated in the 2008-9 study and averaged 16 kg.

The survey concludes that the mean value of all passengers is 76.3 kg. The carry-on weight is on average 7.7 kg. So, the mean passenger weight for adults plus the carry-on luggage is 84.0 kg. As the current regulation indicates 84.0 kg the Agency will not consider its update at this stage.


People: Mauro Rosso joins JetHQ's sales team in Europe

Victor CEOs Toby Edwards (left) and James Farley (right)

JetHQ, the Kansas based aircraft transaction and brokerage company has added an experienced aviation professional to its Europe sales division: Mauro Rosso has been named Vice President of Sales-Europe. Rosso brings to the position decades of aviation industry knowledge, connections, and relationships, having worked for major airlines and most recently as Sales Manager for Textron Aviation in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mauro has lived his life in aviation, starting from the engineering side and working with major airlines before joining the sales side of private aviation. He delivers technical acumen and strategic support for JetHQ clients in Europe, with extensive experience serving Cessna, Beechcraft and Hawker buyers.

His aviation dreams began as a pilot, but he began his professional career with engine and material engineering for the legendary Alitalia, where he worked for more than 25 years. He moved on to become logistics manager with Swiss International Air Lines before taking sales management positions at Jet Aviation and then Textron.

Mauro’s connections have taken him all over the globe, including supporting AOG aircraft in diverse areas. His problem-solving skills and technical expertise have supported numerous clients during business jet deals. He has also managed services requiring aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, including avionics upgrades, equipment installations and paint services. He is based in Italy.

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