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Training Need Analysis - Investments in training are not measurable or are they?



Calculating the Return on Invest (ROI) for a machine is easier than calculating the ROI on a corporate training program. Obviously there are non-measurable soft factors involved:

​​"What are we doing if we train all these people now and then they leave the company?"

questions the CFO the CEO. The CEO replies to the CFO

"What are we doing if we do not train them and they stay?"

Often the questions is more about efficient training than whether training is needed. Here we are the experts - human beings are different, non of us carries the same personality, this is what we need to respect and focus on when we define training programs. As certified Process Communication Model Trainers we make the difference in analysing the training needs for your organization.


Talk to us - we provide inhouse expertise on training programs, whether compulsory or voluntarily and tailor them to your needs.

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