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Design Solutions - The how you design something is as important as what you want to achieve.



When we took over the design organization of SR Technics, we acquired a piece of SWISSAIR dating back to 1931. With the foundation of the former Swiss national airline, the foundation stone was laid for an engineering department, which later became Swissair Technical Services and then SR Technics, serving Swissair and other carriers around the world.


Following the merger of SR Technics with the Danish FLS Aerospace, in 2009 SR Technics became an EASA approved design organization with additional locations in Ireland and Great Britain, performing mainly interior modifications on large aircraft.

With the transfer of the SR Technics Design (Engineering) Organization to in 2020, we have acquired a huge wealth of experience and an excellent team of experts which we are extremely proud of. Working from Belgrade, Dublin and Zurich our experts are providing Design Solutions to Lessors, Airlines and Industry Partners.


Talk to us - with a category 2A Design Organization we can provide nearly everything your heart may desire.

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