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EBACE: Europe’s premier business aviation event takes off next month

As the most important European show focused entirely on the business aviation industry, the 2022 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2022) assembles the latest aircraft and aviation equipment manufacturers and suppliers, industry leaders, emerging technologies a more in one venue. Hosted by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), the event takes place in Geneva, Switzerland from 23 to 25 May.


EBAA Information letter on eu-LISA carriers’ registration process

The European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (eu-LISA) has been mandated to launch, over the next two years, two programs, namely the Entry/Exit System (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). These two systems will have a direct impact on the way carriers are processing visa data and authorization for third-country nationals before entry on the territory of the European states using ETIAS/EES. Thus, according to EU Regulations, air carriers, among other type of carriers, will have the legal obligation to query EES and ETIAS to receive details regarding the status of travelers within the scope of the two mentioned systems.

EES is a new large-scale IT system that will enable the recording of entry and exit of third-country nationals (TCN) crossing the EU external borders. This system will replace the manual stamping of passports. ETIAS is a new pre-travel online authorization system for EU border management which will require that all visa-exempt third-country nationals planning to travel to the European states using this system to apply for their pre-travel authorization online. Planned entry into operations of EES is September 2022 and May 2023 for ETIAS.


Eurocontrol forecast showing aviation pathway to net-zero

Eurocontrol has released a new long-term air traffic forecast, looking at how aviation in Europe will grow over the coming decades. For the first time, the report includes estimates of net CO2 emissions and charts how aviation can achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The baseline scenario has 16 million flights in 2050, approximately ten years later than forecast in the Challenges of Growth report published in 2018. The report also looks at possible high and low scenarios and analyses how aviation can achieve the objective of net-zero by 2050. It identifies four key elements in the sustainability transition:

- Evolutionary improvements to aircraft and engines, making them more efficient (contributing 17% in the baseline scenario).

- Revolutionary new aircraft technologies, such as the deployment of electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft, together with the required infrastructure (contributing 2% in the baseline scenario).

- More efficient flights, thanks to improved air traffic management (contributing 8% in the baseline scenario).

- Increasing production and use of SAF - sustainable aviation fuels (contributing 41% in the baseline scenario).

The report finds that the final step to reaching net-zero CO2 will be additional measures such as carbon capture or market-based measures like the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) which in the baseline scenario, will compensate for the remaining 32% of anticipated CO2 emissions.


People: Lirio Liu, new FAA director of the aircraft certification service

Victor CEOs Toby Edwards (left) and James Farley (right)

The FAA is continuing to realign its senior ranks, naming long-time agency official Lirio Liu to succeed Earl Lawrence as executive director of the Aircraft Certification Service, effective May 8. Liu brings a lengthy background in certification and regulation to her new position, having spent more than 30 years with the agency, most recently as Executive Director for the Office of International Affairs. Prior to this position, Liu served as the Executive Director for Operational Safety in the Commercial Space Transportation Office where she provided executive leadership for the compliance and coordination of the requirements to authorize commercial space launch and reentry operators and site approvals. She has also served in a variety of executive leadership roles within the Office of Aviation Safety, including acting Deputy Associate Administrator at a critical time surrounding the return to service activities for the Boeing 737 MAX, and the implementation of the 2018 reauthorization provisions.

As the Executive Director for Rulemaking, she provided oversight for the FAA's rulemaking process and served as the Designated Federal Officer for the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee. Liu also served as the FAA Senior Representative located in Paris, France, where she represented the FAA for 18 countries in Western Europe and North Africa on overarching policy issues.

Liu began her FAA career in the Los Angeles Aircraft Certification Office as a structural engineer working on type certification programs for rotorcraft, large transport, and small airplanes. As the program manager for the Robinson Helicopter Company, she was involved in certification, including coordination and participation in NTSB accident investigations. Lirio then worked as the Manager of the Seattle Aircraft Certification Office, which was responsible for the type certification and continued operational safety of the Boeing aircraft fleet. Ms. Liu holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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